The basic goal of the Taxreo Office is to relieve our Clients of accounting duties and manage the Clients’ accounting books so that they may focus on developing their business.

Our financial accounting services include:

  • Managing accounting books and the revenue and expenditure ledger;
  • Managing the register of fixed assets and equipment;
  • Preparing corporate income tax returns, personal income tax returns, and goods and services tax (VAT) returns;
  • Preparing other tax returns and tax information required by tax regulations;
  • Preparing reports for the Central Statistical Office and the National Bank of Poland;
  • Preparing financial statements;
  • Developing accounting policies and document circulation instructions;
  • Accounting supervision and accounting audits;
  • Handling fiscal audits and reviews of financial statements;
  • Assistance in the implementation of financial and accounting programs (adapting foreign accounting programs to Polish tax and accounting regulations).


In terms of HR and payroll accounting services, we offer:

  • Preparing payroll lists for employees working under contracts for work;
  • Preparing payroll lists for employees working under civil law contracts;
  • Registering employees in and deregistering employees from the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS);
  • Preparing necessary documentation for the Social Insurance Institution;
  • Preparing and sending to the Social Insurance Institution monthly statements and monthly reports for individual employees;
  • Preparing and submitting statements to the tax office;
  • Preparing annual information on income / tax returns;
  • Preparing certificates of employment and salaries;
  • Preparing statements to the National Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (PFRON);
  • Representing the Payer before the Social Insurance Institution.